Terunofuji of Motooseki won the grand sumo tournament in July.

Sumo Tournament July: Terunofuji of Motooseki wins august 2 at 5:57 p.m.

Terunofuji, who has experience in sumo tournaments and returned to the makuuchi tournament, won the championship for the second time with 13 wins and two losses over Sekiwaki Mitakeumi on the second day of Chiakiraku in July. It has been about five years since the summer of 2015 that Terunofuji won the championship.
After the 14th day of the Grand Sumo Tournament on August 1, Terunofuji, the 17th player in the front, took the top spot with two losses, and Shin-Oseki Asanoyama, Masayo, and Mitakeumi’s two sekiwaki teams followed by one star difference.

On August 2nd of Chiakiraku, Terunofuji won the championship for the second time since the summer of 2015 with 13 wins and two losses over the Mitake Sea.

Terunofuji, an experienced person with experience in Ozeki, was closed nine of the 10 places from Nagoya in 2017 due to knee injuries and diabetes, and at one point lowered the number from Ozeki to the first two stages.

However, with the recovery of injury and illness, he resumed training little by little and returned to numbering, and now he returned to Makuuchi for the first time in about two and a half years, and piled up the white stars in the sumo wrestling which came out strongly in the front.

Especially on the 13th day, against Asanoyama, who was lined up with one loss, the sumo wrestling, which was proudly close to his best left side, felt the skill of the four sumo wrestling he had cultivated and the strength reminiscent of the Ozeki era.

It is the first time in 44 years that oseki experienced players have won the championship by lowering the number below Sekiwaki since The Samurai in the autumn of 1976.