The grouse Nagano in the“revival plan” 3 pairs of parent-child transfer

The grouse Nagano in the“revival plan” 3 pairs of parent-child transport 8 November 2 at 6: 36 minutes

Of extinction and it is the grouse of the revival plan, including Nagano Prefecture of the Central Alps on 1 September,North of the Alps from one pile to another, 3 pairs of grouse of parents and children is the app to transport them.

The country has been designated as a special national natural treasure of extinction and it is that grouse is in Nagano Prefecture, Central Alps, about half a century ago extinct and, and, and Kiso Komagatake in the female 1 a feather of the species was confirmed from the Ministry of the environment has revived the plan to the participants.

As a part of it, relatively inhabit many of the Northern Alps norikuradake from parent and child to move to live bred to plan about 1 day in the helicopter using the 3 sets of parents to Kiso Komagatake to transport it.

Transported of IS 3 feathers and about 1 month before the hatched brood 16 feathers fit 19 wings, parent-child and placed in cardboard boxes they carried,immediately after arrival,cage called a shed to put them in……

Then, out of the cage than out,run around everywhere such as in……

The Ministry of the environment,this parent-child to the natural enemies of the animal from the guard and a new environment to get to about 1 Week,only during the night in a cage, protect, and after, and release plans.

Plan involved in the Shinshu University of 中村浩志 Professor Emeritus, is to”safely transport can be relieved. On the top of the mountain, but also quietly watched over the little design.”