“There are no Koshien”that is on the web not to introduce Kochi

“There are no Koshien”that is on the web not to introduce Kochi 8 months 2 days 13 hours 32 minutes

The new coronavirus is the impact of cancelled or”no Koshien”alternative to web delivery of events is done,International High School students whose work is introduced.

“There are no Koshien”is,and how many manga produced in Kochi Prefecture is held each year, the new coronavirus is the impact of the discontinuation of this as a”no Koshien extra number entitled”web delivery of the event.

2 days in the morning,”New too the lifestyle theme of”Japan and South Korea, or Singapore from the requirements there was no was introduced.

This is a Corona Virus virus entwined in pieces stand out,among them, last year won the highest award at the Utsunomiya 文星 high school girls of the student’s work is sports day, etc to be done”together”in each other’s legs tied at the laces, without closely so as not to stick in the distance and the running state is depicted.

Kochi-born cartoonist,from 里樹 probably the most important picture of the message that he is the”cartoonist of the creative soul is a new type of corona virus also deprives the not be able. The imagination spread the wings have fun playing the art”and high school students to inspire them.

High school students from there are,after examination, 8 month 5 days the winning entries are announced, they should.