Uae to operate nuclear power plants First oil-producing country in the Gulf, pointing out concerns about safety management

Nuclear power plants in UAE first oil-producing country in the Gulf also pointed out concerns about safety management August 2 at 8:52 p.m.

The UAE=United Arab Emirates has launched its first nuclear power plant in the Gulf oil-producing country. While the aim is to reduce energy dependence on natural gas, concerns about safety management have also been pointed out.
According to the UAE’s state-run news agency, it was the first plant in the western part of Baraka that was in operation.

At the Baraka nuclear power plant, companies in Japan and the United States were also aiming to receive orders, but the Korean Business Federation received orders in 2009 and is working to develop four nuclear reactors.

The UAE has been mainly using natural gas thermal power generation, and this is the first time that an oil-producing country in the Gulf, which has relied on fossil fuels for energy production, has been operating nuclear power plants.

The UAE is expected to reduce its dependence on natural gas, reduce carbon dioxide emissions through the introduction of nuclear power plants, and promote environmentally friendly initiatives.

The government plans to start operations of the remaining three reactors sequentially, eventually generating 5,600 megawatts, a quarter of the country’s electricity needs.

On the other hand, safety management of facilities is a concern.

While the UAE intervened in the civil war in Yemen in the same Middle East and supports the forces fighting yemen’s rebel Houthis, the Houthis have continued to strike hostile Saudi Arabia with missile attacks, raising concerns that the UAE’s Baraka nuclear power plant will be targeted.