Wedding postponed and discontinued 170,000 pairs loss 600 billion Corona Virus impact

Wedding postponed and discontinued 170,000 pairs loss 600 billion Corona Virus impact August 2 20:02

The bridal industry is severely affected by the spread of the new coronavirus infection. According to an estimate by industry groups based on surveys of wedding venues nationwide, approximately 170,000 weddings were postponed or canceled from March to next month, resulting in an economic loss of approximately 600 billion yen for the industry as a whole.
As the spread of the new coronavirus continued to spread and the postponement and cancellation of weddings continued, the Japan Bridal Culture Promotion Association, a public interest incorporated association that is a member of ceremony halls and hotels nationwide, conducted a questionnaire survey of 106 wedding venues nationwide at the end of June to estimate the economic impact of the industry as a whole.

As a result, an estimated 170,000 weddings were postponed or canceled from March to next month due to the spread of infection, affecting more than half of the approximately 300,000 couples who hold weddings each year.

In addition, sales of wedding venues surveyed from April to June average fell to less than 10% of the previous year, and the economic loss of the industry as a whole is estimated to be approximately 600 billion yen. This is 42% of the estimated annual market size.

The Japan Bridal Culture Promotion Association said, “As the number of people infected is rapidly increasing again, the amount of economic loss is expected to increase further than estimated, and we feel a sense of crisis. We would like to actively promote the response to new lifestyles, such as introducing a system that delivers live video to the wedding ceremony.”

“Don’t give up your wedding in Corona.”

Don’t give up your wedding in Corona. Earl Cube, a wedding production company headquartered in Tokyo, launched a new service last month that allows friends, family, and co-workers to present their weddings to couples who have given up their wedding due to the effects of the new Coronavirus.

This service is a system that allows friends and colleagues to work together to pay the cost of the wedding by “split”, for example, in the case of a plan of about 140,000 yen to be married only by two bride and groom, if you cooperate with 20 people, you can give a wedding at a burden of about 7,000 yen per person.

This cost includes all the fees for dresses, ceremony halls, acoustics, hair make-up, photography, etc., and each person can pay separately with a credit card, so the secretary does not have to change the cost.

The company handles more than 1,500 weddings a year, most of which are considering postponement or cancellation, so while the future of the infection convergence is uncertain, there are many people who have abandoned the wedding ceremony and officially cancel it.

Mayu Yamato of “Earl Cube” who is in charge of this service says, “I think that there are many cases where the bride who has prepared hard for an important day of longing does not continue feelings while the postponement continues twice once, and gives up the wedding ceremony. I think that there are many friends who are unable to pass the celebration because the wedding ceremony is gone, but if it is a feeling of celebration of 7,8000 yen per person, the burden is small and I think that it is easy for the bride and groom to receive it. I would like to aim for a service that allows people who have given up their wedding ceremony in Corona to be able to push their backs from people around them.”

The wedding ceremony of the desire with a new service

There is a couple who came to be able to have a wedding that gave up once with a new service.

A couple in their 30s living in Chiba Prefecture joined the company at the end of last year and were planning to have a wedding ceremony in June on the anniversary of their relationship.

The bride, Marie, was preparing to send invitations to relatives and friends in April, but decided to cancel the wedding as the new coronavirus continued to spread.

On the day of the wedding ceremony, he took the train near the venue and kept the tickets on the commemorative date, but he couldn’t feel like wearing a dress or taking a photo.

Marie says, “I really wanted to hold the ceremony, so I postponed it and watched it, but I couldn’t even send an invitation, and I was so worried about when I could say it, and my heart broke. I think what I was looking forward to the most was my family, but I was very sad.”

Meanwhile, the groom’s relatives used the new service to present a wedding ceremony for only two people. In an online meeting, we were preparing a ceremony hall and discussing the progress of the day, and before the wedding on the 6th of this month, we also held a fitting of our long-awaited wedding dress.

Marie says, “I didn’t think positively about the wedding, but the support of the people around me in the form of presents made me think, ‘You can have a wedding.’ Six months have passed since I joined the company, but I can finally reach the milestone. I want my father and mother to see the dress.”

The movement of the couple support, too.

As weddings are being postponed and canceled one after another, there is a movement to support couples in various places.

Even if you are forced to postpone your wedding due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, you may be charged a cancellation fee depending on the contract. Against this backdrop, 46 companies that operate wedding venues around the country have jointly announced a policy to flexibly respond to ceremony schedule changes and cancellation fees for couples who have decided on a ceremony after April.

46 companies will take measures to reduce the burden to zero in real terms if the wedding ceremony is held at the same ceremony hall at a later date about the cancellation fee due to the change of schedule.

On the other hand, Saga Prefecture has decided to give a gift card of 100,000 yen per pair and a gift card of 5,000 yen to purchase celebratory flowers in order to support couples who canceled or postponed weddings and receptions that were scheduled to take place in the prefecture. We have been accepting applications since last month, and we have already received applications from 217 groups.

Consultations with consumer life centers are also increasing rapidly.

Since March, there has been a sharp increase in consultations on the postponement and cancellation of weddings at consumer life centers nationwide, and the number of consultations up to last month has risen to more than 2,700.

The number of consultations reached 1339 in April when the emergency was declared, and 484 in May and 205 in June.

As the number of infected people skyrockets again, there have been a series of consultations recently that couples who postponed their weddings and canceled their wedding ceremony, saying they were charged a high cancellation fee.