Former coach of the Japan University Rugby Club, violence to stab toothpicks at members, forced to drink alcohol

Former coach of The Japan University Rugby Club, violence that sticks a toothpick at a member of the club, and the forced drinking is also august 5 at 13:40 p.m.

It was discovered that the former coach of the Nihon University Rugby Club was violently stabbed in toothpicks and forced to drink. The Department commented, “We would like to make every effort to prevent recurrence.”

According to the Nihon University Rugby Club, the former coach used violence such as sticking a toothpick in the head of a member, and forced the club member to drink alcohol.

After conducting an interview with the former coach, the rugby club manager and manager determined that the former coach deserved to resign.

According to the person concerned, the former coach left the club in March.

The former coach’s violence was revealed in January following the arrest of a member of the club on suspicion of violating the Cannabis Control Act.

The rugby club reported the history of the series to the “Competitive Sports Club” which has jurisdiction over the athletic club, and the supervisor and the manager received a severe caution.

The Nichidai Rugby Club commented, “We take this situation seriously and make every effort to prevent recurrence so that we can recover everyone’s trust as soon as possible.”

The day before day, Nichidai announced that it would promote various reforms, including the establishment of a consultation desk for students of the athletic club in response to problems related to malicious tackles in the American Football Club.