Zoom, the Chinese users to provide the local partner only from the–directly to cancel the sale to

Video meeting service Zoom, but Chinese customers direct sales to near stop to come. The company’s service continuously for Chinese customers,local companies, through can.

Chinese users local time 8 May 23, the Zoom directly from the product can be purchased not, the Zoom is the company’s technology to provide services, China’s regular partner companies what companies I mentioned, and Bizconf Communications,Suirui Zhumu Video Conference,Systec Umeet include according to a report.

The company’s spokesman said,”in mainland China, our market entry model,direct sale, online subscriptions, and partner companies through the sales were there. The future partner model in transition,Zoom technologies partner to provide. Thus, Chinese users by excellent local support, we believe that we can,”he said.

Spokesman said, according to mainland Chinese users in the future Zoom meeting participants as possible.

The company is 5 months, China to new user registration to corporate clients, Limited, and the country’s user base, and distance starting to take. Free version existing users can join a meeting, the meeting cannot be had.

Zoom in the United States, established companies, the Chief Executive Officer(CEO)Eric Yuan, Mr. China, the Chinese are harshly pursued by.

US Senator Josh Hawley and Mr. Richard Blumenthal Mr. 7 months, Zoom and TikTok concerning the letter,the Zoom is headquartered in the United States, but the application is at least Chinese 3 and was developed by company China for at least 700 employees work in the R & D Department seems to have noted that.

Both”the Justice Department, but Zoom and TikTok of the business relationship,the data handling practices of China and of business, and Americans risk to investigate whether a judgment may be essential and we believe that”all……

4 on the Zoom, the encryption key is the Chinese server via The had been sent may be reported. This revealed a Canadian research organization Citizen Lab,Zoom legal, these encryption keys to the Chinese authorities to disclose forced as it may have.

Eric Yuan said, the Corona Virus virus outbreak to China in the region to meet the increasing demand for platform capacity added hastily, when this problem happened May. However, Yuan said, China Foreign data via China, the”extremely limited circumstances only”and stressed.

Also the Zoom is 6 month, the Chinese government’s request,democratization and promotion of human rights of the account to stop the blame, bear the brunt of it. In this event, the Zoom platform in China censorship of the support may be a concern that emerged.

Then that account got recovered, but the company is local authorities at the request of the compliance check, the better the rule-making need to be acknowledged.

“Zoom in the future,the Chinese government request from China Mainland other than the user so as not to affect you”(the company)

This series of flow from, the company in mainland China directly to stop selling the decision,the country can weaken as a result of these efforts, thought to be because to.