Koshien playlist 尽誠 Gakuen 智弁 Wakayama to win

Koshien playlist 尽誠 Gakuen 智弁 Wakayama to win 8 on 17 November at 16: 15

High school baseball of the playlist, the 6th day of the 2nd match, Kagawa 尽誠 Gakuen 智弁 Wakayama High School 8 to 1 won.
尽誠 school is tied of 2 times, captain,Kikuchi, Yuzu players of runners wiped out of the tool base as the batter of 9 people in attack on a 5-point to your win over time.

Then also lead to the spread 尽誠 school, the ACE of Murakami 侑希 Doo pitcher, such as a 3 person team of 継投 in the opponents batting order 1 point to suppress it.

智弁 Wakayama is 6 times from the mound to the on ACE of the Kobayashi 樹斗 pitcher,fastest 151 km straight shaft,3 times without conceding, but the beginning of a large amount of goals conceded is sounding,尽誠 school is 8 to 1 won.