Linear Chuo Shinkansen improved new vehicle driving test resume Yamanashi

Linear Chuo Shinkansen improved new vehicle driving test resume Yamanashi 8 month 17 days 19 hours 20 minutes

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JR Tokai, the commercial operation towards improved Linear Chuo Shinkansen is a new vehicle driving test,from 17 to Yamanashi Experiment lines began.

JR Tokai, the Linear Chuo Shinkansen is about,Yamanashi Prefecture, within 40 kilometers of the remainder of the experiment lines in the vehicle’s performance to make sure of the running test carried out.

Improved new vehicle launch for the last 10 months from driving tests to suspend, as from 17 resumed.

The new vehicle is”L0 system called”the vehicle has been improved, the distal end portion of the shape to more rounded, as the headlamp and the front to determine the position of the camera change is made.

Thus, the air resistance is approximately 13%lower,power consumption and noise reduction of such as that.

On the first day of the 17 Days of the vehicle safety check is performed,at a maximum speed of approximately 300 km to measure it.

Driving test the resumption of the Corona Virus virus the effect of approximately 3 months late, the entire schedule has a big impact is that,in the future, a new vehicle in the driving test to continue the fun.

On the other hand, Linear Chuo Shinkansen for Shizuoka Prefecture in the construction of JR Tokai prefectures of consultation with the supply,had planned in 2027 opening is difficult.