Technologies with the customer in co-creation magic is to challenge The Wiz Corona era and DX business

ICT infrastructure services company as a business that uses magic. The conventional IT/network integrators,software as a service offering focused on digital subscription (DX) era for next-generation business challenges. Digital technology,new value and business customers and partner companies to co-create DX Co-Creation Lab”ACT+BASETM(active plus base)”the opening of the other part. The company’s DX business towing to DX in the business creation division of the Nakamura Tomohiro, Mr. Wiz corona of the world in anticipation of company and customers of DX support it.

Of the company beyond the idea,their thing as the belly fall

―DX the word is recognized in,magic in any form DX in the working world…….

Nakamura it is the IT infrastructure of the business business, but the organization as a DX era of wave riding from issues and always have. IT infrastructure areas, as well as the digital technology and the customer’s revenue to close to support,Co-Creation Group. So, in 2018 across the organization is to gather the members of DX business revitalization headquarters was established DX’s start by defining it.

IT infrastructure build and maintenance business is manpower through, but the DX system is digital, the people who physically do. more It corresponds to the situation, in order to think and act, and even internal culture change that is required.

It is a member of the team, something to think about when”magic can be based on the idea that”the tell us. The company’s boundaries,so as we made the team“failed”and there is no concept. DX to tackle mean,their thing as the belly fall, and this is important,“we have DX”to define the feeling of working Want and don’t ever lose your voice.

Customer’s contact person about the digitization, if you are a customer of the IT Department only, but rather divisions in believe that into the must. It is the customer’s business and learn a hypothesis, and out willing to not just approach as and direct.

Magic Co., Ltd.
DX business creation division head
Nakamura, Tomohiro Mr.

―The DX business creation division in which such movements and the world…….

Nakamura magic of the traditional business, the other product purchased in the integration sales and maintenance to style, but the DX business creation division hypothesis, study,prototype development and process,developing solutions to the risk management framework. The concept of Design Thinking for companies and in collaboration with advancing. Moreover, the activity of the process can be utilized in co-creation as a place of”ACT+BASETM”launched. Here together with the activity by expertise acquisition, including the evolution can be expected. And co-creation on business as a cooperative than that……….

As a result of such activities, multiple solutions are born. Solutions to announce, a field worked in for employees,we work from the DX and to understand what they mean there……

Corona ominous before and after the changing the user of the DX against the thoughts and

―Corona ominous earlier, the DX for the customers from what kind of needs there were a lot of fun………. why. Also, Corona ominous by what has changed you?

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