The University of Tokyo and Hitachi, and development and energy efficiency increase”RaaS”was established–a data-driven society

The University of Tokyo,Toppan, Panasonic, Hitachi, mirror size technology is 8 months 17 days,the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry approved the”Advanced Systems Technology Research Association(RaaS:Research Association for Advanced Systems)”was established. Mirror size technologies, DENSO and Toyota automotive semiconductor research and development purposes in 2020, 4 in March, a joint venture.

RaaS is a dedicated chip development and energy efficiency 10 times higher for the aim. As a result of this initiative, a dedicated chip to quickly design and state-of-the-art semiconductor technology in manufacturing is expected that.

DX(digital transformation)on the realization of a real space and the virtual space to the use of this data is required. Therefore, IoT devices in the measurement and detection of data 5G (5th generation mobile communication system), attracted by the AI (artificial intelligence) and sophisticated analysis to provide data-driven society system that.

Digital technology is cheaper and high performance, as well as quickly provide this important. Dedicated chips to state-of-the-art processes in manufacturing and high performance is obtained, but the development is a great expense and can take years this issue was.

RaaS is a dedicated chip development efficiency 10 times higher for the agile design approach to research and open architecture to deploy. Energy efficiency towards 3-D integration technology research, and Mega foundries(a semiconductor device to produce one of the world’s largest factory) is manufacturing the chips in the same package layers to be mounted. Or to the manufacture, the P-type transistor and the N-type transistors of the channel is 7nm of semiconductor technology”7nm CMOS”to take advantage.

For example, a plurality of SRAM chips to 3-dimensional integration of a DRAM on a par with the large stacked SRAM is realized. SRAM and DRAM semiconductor memory of a type of SRAM is high-speed performance on the other hand, the DRAM capacity and the price is excellent. The timing design difficult to DRAM instead of a laminated SRAM using, by the computer using automatic design to improve efficiency. Furthermore, the stacked SRAM and a dedicated chip within the same package to be mounted on the improved energy efficiency. The design of the Foundation,the RaaS in each of the Union members is their aim to develop a system with the commercialization of the.

RaaS is a company of the business area, in sought-after System theme,the design Foundation to jointly research and development. In addition, the semiconductor industry eco-system to support fabless SoC companies and EDA(electronic design automation)vendors that support the activities of that.