Asagaya sisters challenge NiziU’s jump rope dance!? “Meringue feelings”

Asagaya sisters (Miho Kimura, Eriko Watanabe) and Kaaya Kiyohara will appear in “Merengue’s Feelings” (Nippon Television, every Saturday from 12:00) on August 29.

The program is a talk variety featuring Masami Hisamoto, Asako Ito, Kei Inoo from Hey! Say! JUMP, and Kanako Murakami. We invite guests every time and have a lively exchange.

The Asagaya sisters decided to challenge the jump rope dance of the girl group NiziU born from “Nizi Project”. What is the result? In addition, I will introduce somen noodle arrangement recipes.

On the other hand, Kiyohara, who starred in the movie “The Universe’s Most Bright Roof” released on September 4th (Friday), is exposed by Kentaro Ito. Also, what is the life of Kiyohara who was surprised by everyone?