I didn’t notice it at the 56th time because I wasn’t crushed by the company (2)

Kona Shiomachi, the author of the book “Why you can’t quit the company if you die,” describes the experience of committing suicide by overworking. In order not to be crushed.” The theme this time is “I didn’t notice it at the time (2)”. → Click here for the story so far When I joined a new graduate, I think that the overall awareness of sexual harassment was lower than it is now. It was not uncommon for a company to call female employees “girls” and do chores such as tea making and cleaning. Unless you have such a job in your job for some reasonable reason, if you are not doing it just because you are a female employee, you would be discriminated against. Of course, if a male employee has the same thing, I think it would be a discrimination. On the other hand, if there is no rational reason other than just gender, you will not be allowed to do a certain job (as in the case of “I feel bad as a man’s voice” in the manga). think. At that time, I didn’t even think so deeply, and I took it as “I can’t help it if my boss says it,” “That’s what it sounds like,” but as my senior told me, it was unreasonable to say that it was unreasonable. I think it’s important to be aware.

Shiomachi An illustrator who works on Kona illustrations and essays. Flappy nerd. Essay “Why I can’t die if I quit the company” was written in April 2017. Twitter is@sodium. Click here for a list of articles by this author