Taiwan Opens F16 Fighter Repair Center to Strengthen Defense Industry

Taiwan Opens F16 Fighter Repair Center August 28 at 10:47 p.m. to strengthen defense industry

The Chinese government is strengthening its defense industry as Taiwan’s aircraft manufacturers open facilities to repair American F16 fighter jets in Taiwan, under increasing military pressure from China.
Hanxiang Aviation Industry Co., Ltd., Taiwan’s leading aircraft manufacturer in Taitshan, central Taiwan, opened a repair center for F16 fighter jets, Taiwan’s main military fighter aircraft, and held a ceremony on August 28.

President Ban, who attended the ceremony, said, “The time required to maintain fighter jets will be greatly reduced, the proportion of fighters that can operate will increase, and we will be able to secure an advantage at the forefront of defense. The promotion of the defense industry is a symbol of our determination to protect Taiwan.”

Taiwan’s military operates about 140 F16 fighter jets, but last year it decided to purchase 66 new aircraft from the United States and plans to introduce them sequentially from 2023 onwards.

The repair center aims to support the maintenance work of Taiwan’s military for the time being, and to undertake repairs that are currently being transferred to the United States and repairs of similar aircraft operated by Asian countries.

In the area around Taiwan, China has been under increasing military pressure, including an increase in the number of Chinese military aircraft flying in, and the government has been strengthening its defense industry.