The 3rd heroine, Maki Fukuda’s crisis awareness breaks 1st place too “is really scary if it ends just now”

Fuji TV’s long-running large-scale special special program to launch at the moment, “It’s under control. 』(29th 21:00~23:10). Among the main members of the comedy prize race champions such as Sandwichman, Bai-King, and Kamai, it was the heroine, Maki Fukuda, who was pulled out with a single pin from the main members. Since winning the “Female Performer No.1 Final Match THE W” in December last year, the number of program appearances in the first half of this year was 13 times as much as 146 (based on Nihon Monitor) The heroine at 3 o’clock, which shows the momentum of breaking bamboo, but how does Fukuda, who can be said to be the “brain” pulling this trio, grasp the current situation? He also talked about what is called “comedy 7th generation” and about rival entertainers. The heroine at 3 o’clock, Maki Fukuda

■Awareness of “now is the season”

After winning the title of “THE W” at the end of last year, he made a break at once, but he said, “It’s amazing,” “I see it every day,” but I personally feel like “I don’t work that much.” Fukuda exclaims that he is not really aware. It was exposed at a stretch by the appearance right of the NTV 11 program, which is a supplementary prize of “THE W” championship, and in the previous interview the goal was to “connect from there”, but steadily more opportunities to appear in other stations “I think it was connected more than I expected,” responded. Even so, I think, “I think there is “now is the season.” It’s too late to realize “I was called just because it’s the season,” so I think I should improve my ability. Is humble. The special number of the conte this time is also “I wonder if I have the ability to work with such gorgeous members with my own ability. I wouldn’t want to be called only in the season and not have the ability, so I will not do my best. I have a sense of crisis,” he said. “I think I have to really think about it and work every day. I’m really scared if I end up just now.” (From left) Sandwichman, Tomizawa Takeshi, Fukuda Maki, Kamen and Kenji Yamauchi = “I’m in control right now. ](C) Fuji Television

■ Willing to work other than comedy

From this statement it seems negative at first glance, “I’m very positive. I have a big dream, so I feel like I’m still at the start. I want to go to (laughs).” “In addition to comedy, I’ve been getting a commentator for information programs, getting a little drama, talking about column work, etc. Recently, there is a lot of pressure. By the way, I also want to seize the opportunity.”