U.S. Republican Congress President Trump to Address Nomination for Presidential Candidate

U.S. Republican Congress President Trump to Address Presidential Nominations August 28 at 5:25 AM

The final day of the national party congress of the ruling and Republican parties in the run-up to the U.S. presidential election will be held, and President Trump will make a speech to accept the nomination of a presidential candidate 28 days before noon Japan time. In addition to stressing that he has achieved results in economic and employment policies, he is expected to criticize the policies of Mr. Biden, the presidential candidate of the opposition Democratic Party of Japan, and show a confrontational stance.
The Republican National Party Congress, which kicks off on the 24th of this month, will make a speech at the White House on the evening of the 27th of the last day of The Republican Party to accept the nomination of a presidential candidate before noon on the 28th of Japan time.

According to the camp, President Trump stressed that he had achieved results in measures such as the economy, employment policy, and countermeasures against the new coronavirus, and indicated his policy for a second term.

In addition, the Democratic party’s presidential candidate, Mr Biden’s immigration and energy, as well as China’s policies, are expected to show a confrontational stance, criticizing it as “a radical leftist policy.”

Meanwhile, President Trump is seen as emphasizing a crackdown on radical action, noting that there has been wider protest in Midwestern Wisconsin this week that a black man was shot multiple times from behind by police officers.

While it is unusual to make a nomination acceptance speech at the White House, criticism has been raised by Democrats and other parties, but the speech is expected to attract a large number of supporters, and President Trump is expected to show a confrontational stance toward Mr. Biden in front of his supporters and gain momentum for re-election.