Appeared on an Internet program Maya Shinozaki died, suicide?

Appeared on an Internet program Maya Shinozaki died in suicide or August 29 at 2:20 p.m.

It was found that Maya Shinozaki, 23, who appeared on the Internet program “Suddenly Marridge” distributed by “ABEMA”, had died in Tokyo. According to the person concerned, it is considered to be a suicide based on the situation at the site.
This program is popular among young people because it is closely related to the way men and women decide whether to live together for 30 days and decide whether to get married or break up, and Mr. Shinozaki has been performing since this month.

Abema, which is making the program, said it would no longer be broadcasting, and said, “We would like to express our deepther gratitude to all of our family members and stakeholders. We are currently checking the situation, but we will support the performers and everyone involved as much as possible.”

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