Cambridge Asuka Wins 10.03 Personal Best Update

Cambridge Asuka Wins 10.03 Personal Best Update August 29 22:49

In the men’s 100 meters of track and field held in Fukui City, Cambridge Asuka won the championship with a good time of 10.03 seconds to update his personal best.
Fukui Prefectural Athletic Stadium, where the tournament was held, was held three years ago when Shohide Kiryu marked 9 seconds 98, the first nine-second stand for a Japanese player in the men’s 100 meters.

For the first time since the spread of the new Coronavirus, the event attracted a crowd of 2,700 players for the first time in the short-distance tournament, and the top players who continued to practice in Japan, including Kiryu, who also has a record of 9 seconds 98, and Cambridge, who are doing well this season, participated in the tournament.

Cambridge entered the same team as Kiryu in the qualifying round and, under good conditions of 0.9 meters in tailwind, marked a time of 10 seconds 05 to shorten their personal best, which had not been updated for three years, by 0.03 seconds, and advanced to the final at the top of the overall.

The final was held in a tailwind of 1 meter, and when Cambridge jumped out at a start that they had not been good at, they won the race against Kiryu at the end of their performance, renewing their personal best by 0.02 seconds, with a good time of 10.03. Kiryu was second in 10.06 and Koike in third, with a time of 10.19.

The tournament that the spectator put remains, too.

The tournament held in Fukui City was held for the first time after the spread of the new coronavirus as a tournament in which top short-distance athletes participated, and about 2,700 people watched the race.

In addition to tapes to keep the seats spaced as an anti-infection measure, there were repeated warnings not to make loud voices when wearing masks or cheering.

In addition, in case an infected person came out, I went to the tournament with great care, such as allying my name and contact information on a ticket ticket and asking them to submit it.

However, although cheering loudly was refrained when the competition started, spectators concentrated in the main stand, and spectators were seen becoming denser in the seats that were supposed to be spaced, and at the award ceremony of the athletes, the spectators who were watching on the field gathered in the same place to take pictures.

On this, Mr. Yoshiyuki Kihara, Executive Director of the Fukui Athletics Association, said, “We repeatedly called on the audience not to be crowded, but we couldn’t stop it. Through the holding of the tournament, there were still issues to be solved.”

On top of that, he said, “There was a great conflict this time, but I decided to hold the event with the audience ready for criticism. The tournament is over, but I think we can say that we finally succeeded by not inging out the infected people. I would like to continue to be vigiling.”