Even in various places, the extreme heat is forecast to be 38 degrees, so be careful about heat stroke

It was extremely hot in various places, and it was predicted that the temperature would be 38 degrees. I will. There is a possibility that the maximum temperature during the day will be 38 degrees Celsius and it will be dangerous, so it is necessary to be cautious about heat stroke. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, on September 29, Japan is covered by high pressure, and it is sunny in a wide area centering on western and eastern Japan, and strong sunshine shines in various places.

The maximum temperature until 11:30 am is
▽36.7 degrees in Tottori City and Ozu City, Ehime Prefecture,
▽36.6 degrees in Date City, Fukushima Prefecture,
▽36.5 degrees in Fukuoka City,
▽36.3 degrees in Hatoyama Town, Saitama Prefecture,
▽ It has already been a very hot day of 35 degrees or more in a wide range, such as 35.8 degrees in Nagoya City and Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture.

After this, the temperature will rise, and the highest temperature during the day will be
▽In addition to Hita City and Tottori City in Oita Prefecture and Toyooka City in Hyogo Prefecture, dangerous temperatures of 38 degrees are expected,
▽37 degrees in Kumamoto City, Osaka City, Kofu City, Saitama Prefecture Kumagaya City, Fukushima City, etc.
▽ In Fukuoka City, Okayama City, Nagoya City, and 36 degrees in central Tokyo,
It is expected that the heat will be extremely intense over a wide area, and it is necessary to be vigilant for heat stroke.

In western and eastern Japan, the heat wave has continued since the beginning of this month. In addition to frequent hydration, avoid the sun as much as possible outdoors and use proper air conditioning indoors, and try to take sufficient measures mainly for the elderly.