Ghosn’s fugitive suspect will be handed over by U.S. court next week

Suspected of helping Mr. Ghosn escape U.S. court hand-over next week also judged “August 29, 11:12

In the case of Carlos Ghosn, the former chairman of Nissan Motor Co., who fled to Lebanon in the Middle East, u.S. courts said they expected to decide as early as next week whether to hand over two American suspects arrested on suspicion of helping them escape to Japan.
In the case of Carlos Ghosn’s escape to Lebanon in the Middle East, U.S. investigators arrested Michael Taylor, who lives in eastern Massachusetts, and his son Peter Taylor, on suspicion of helping former president Ghosn escape in May at the request of the Japanese side.

In response, a local court held an online hearing today to determine whether the two should be handed over to Japan.

In this case, the prosecution argued that they should hand over their identities, while the defense argued that their actions were not illegal.

In response, the judge said, “I want to resolve it within a week,” and indicated that he would make a decision on the delivery of his identity as early as next week.

In the case of the two, the Tokyo District Attorney’s Office has issued an arrest warrant for Ghosn’s help with the escape, and if an American court determines that he should hand over his identity, the State Department will ultimately decide whether or not to hand him over.