Hikari Kuroki: “Divine beautiful girl” Sweaty, can you break your abs through training?

Hikari Kuroki, who is talked about as a “godly beautiful girl”, is the second video project of the official YouTube channel “Video, I tried it” on TV Asahi “4 minutes in hell with HIIT, which is a hot topic all over the world right now! “Abs Repeat Training” was delivered on August 29th. Kuroki tried to train while sweating to break his abs. Mr. Kuroki, who challenged “Is my abdominal muscles broken if I keep dancing NiziU “Make you happy” for 1 week, which is now in fashion?” in the first issue delivered on August 17, said that the abdomen became slightly thin. .. In the second installment, we challenge the training method “HIIT”, which involves repeating all-out exercise and a short break to the limit. We challenged a beginner’s program of about 4 minutes, repeating “20 seconds of high-intensity exercise” and “10 seconds of rest” eight times to suit beginner Kuroki. At first, it progresses smoothly, but it gradually becomes difficult, and there are also scenes in which a weak sound is emitted. Check the abdomen after sweating for about 4 minutes.