Kamikari Tamiyo, an amazing story behind Masao Suo’s marriage and the relationship of the couple in the 25th year of marriage is extremely white “Life’s best restaurant”

Tamiyo Kusari will make a guest appearance in “Life’s Best Restaurant” (TBS system, every Saturday from 23:30) broadcast on August 29.

Koji Kato is the MC, Wakako Shimazaki is the landlady, and Meg Announcer Ugagami serves as an assistant. On the same day, Shigeo Takahashi (Savannah) will also appear as a regular customer.

This time, we introduced “Missing Lady’s “Omeshi” Dinner”, “I Found It with a Couple! Hideaway French”, “I Can’t Explain the Taste… In addition, a photo of a beautiful girl from the elementary school age and a treasured video from the world-famous ballerina era will be released.

He showed off an episode in which he rebelled against a teacher despite being a young lady, and dropped out of high school in a month. In addition, he reveals the secret story of a teenager, the behind-the-scenes story of a surprise marriage with Director Suo Masayuki, and the couple’s relationship in the 25th year of marriage when his husband was unconscious.