Nakagawas and Reiji confess their past great delay “If you notice it by sleeping on the Shinkansen…”

The comedy duo, Reiji Nakagawa, revealed the past big delay on the 28th in a video “Nakadan Nakagawa 06 “The greatest failure so far”” posted on the YouTube official channel “Nakagawa Family Channel”. Nakagawas’ Reiji’s “The Biggest Failure” talk theme, Reiji says “(Nagoya’s work) has been gone” “(Shinkansen) sleep, Shin-Yokohama. Next time I noticed, I did Shin Yamaguchi.” “On the way back, I was told, “Wow!”. I did one job, but I didn’t have any job at all. There was something like ending the Shinkansen for a day… …” In addition, there are also stories of failures during the recording of the program. “I was a little bit scared on the program,” he said, “I still think, “Why didn’t I go to the bathroom at that time?” It became strange…” and I remembered a bitter memory.