Revitalize the record culture by buying an analog record

Buy an analog record to revitalize the record culture 17:23 on August 29: An effort was made to buy an analog record to revitalize the culture of the record store, and the new coronavirus has affected customers, and the number of customers has dropped. Many lovers also visited the record store in. “Record Store Day”, which aims to revitalize the culture of record stores, started in the United States in 2008 and spread to the world. About 300 record stores participate in Japan.

It has been held every April, but this year it will be distributed over 3 days from August to October due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

Of these, the record stores in Shinjuku, Tokyo, have set up a special corner to list the limited editions released for this day.

In the store, lovers wearing masks sterilized their hands with alcohol, then picked up the desired record and bought it. On the 29th, many customers visited before the store opened, so we restricted the number of people who can enter the store to avoid congestion.

A man in his 20s, who came from Saitama prefecture for a limited edition, said, “The record has a big jacket. It’s nice to pick it up instead of shopping online.”

Masayuki Musashino of “Union Records Shinjuku Store” said, “I think all the lovers have fun buying records at the store, so I would like to take every possible measure to prevent infectious diseases as a store.” It was