“The oldest school in Japan” Taiseiden of Ashikaga School

“The oldest school in Japan” Taiseiden, Ashikaga School, was opened after the renovation. 10:24 on August 29 At the Ashikaga School in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture, which is said to be the oldest school in Japan, nine years ago during the Great East Japan Earthquake After the large-scale renovation work of the damaged Edo period building, the interior was opened to the public. The special exhibition was a building called “Taiseiden” of the Ashikaga School, which is designated as a National Historic Site.

“Taiseiden”, also known as “Confucius Temple,” was built in 1668 in the early Edo period, but the building was tilted due to the Great East Japan Earthquake.

For this reason, a large-scale renovation work was carried out from Ototoji, and the interior of the building was rectified and earthquake-proof reinforcement was performed, and all work was completed by this month.

During the construction work, when replacing the old wood, the surface of the new wood is painted with persimmon astringent so that the atmosphere of the old building is not destroyed.

Kimikatsu Tateno, director of the historic site Ashikaga School Office, said, “Since the treasure of Ashikaga City has been renovated for the first time in half a century, please pay attention to the new coronavirus countermeasures and come to see.”

The special opening inside Taiseiden will be held from 10 am to noon on the 30th.