The smile in the return race of the swimming Koga of the qualification stop by the prohibited drug mixing unintentionally

Unintentionally suspended swimming Koga due to banned drug contamination Smiles at the return race August 29 18:35

Koga Yuya, a competitive swimmer who had been suspended for two years after unintentionally mixing prohibited drugs with the supplement he had taken, participated in the race for the first time in two years and four months and said, “I was imagining that I would try swimming like this when I came back. I’m really happy that the time has come for me to finally try it out.”
The 33-year-old Koga, who represented Japan at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, tested positive for the banned drug in a WADA-Anti-Doping Agency test and was suspended from the International Swimming Federation for four years.

After that, it was recognized that the prohibited substance was unintentionally mixed into the supplement, and the disposal was shortened in the two years until May.

Koga, who has finished his disposal, participated in the 50-meter backstroke, where he won the Japanese championship for the first time in two years and four months at the Tokyo Kashiwa International Swimming Center on 29 September.

Koga, who came out in front at the start, finished at the top, and the time was 25.04 seconds, 0 seconds 8 seconds slower than his own Japanese record set in 2009.

In an interview after the race, Koga said of the time when he tested positive for doping, “It was a big shock that I had to live because I was determined to be a person who had been wrong. Death is always right next to me, and I thought it would be easier if I jumped over the veranda, and I could cry just by taking a walk outside.”

On top of that, he said, “When I came back, I was inflating my imagination to swim like this. I’m really glad that the time has come for me to finally try it out. It was a great harvest to know that I still have a great desire not to lose to the people around me. I want to aim for the Tokyo Olympics as well.”