Tochigi Nikko wishing for the Corona Virus to dissipate

Tochigi Nikko August 29, 16:15 Along with the spread of the new coronavirus, a traditional event of making a big straw and holding it at the entrance of the village to prevent the plague It was held in Nikko, Japan. This event is said to have been introduced to the Serinuma district of Nikko city for hundreds of years, and every year at this time, residents make a large straw mat about 1 meter long and about 50 cm wide.

On the 29th, about 30 people gathered at the public hall, hit the bundle of straws to soften them, and then made a pair of large straws called “Ashinaka” without heels for more than 2 hours.

One was tied to the shrine cedar tree at the eastern entrance of the district, and the other to the crape myrtle trunk at the western entrance.

Owarajiji means “don’t enter the village where there is a big man who wears a big straw,” and there is a desire to prevent disasters such as plagues from occurring in the area.

Minoru Watanabe (65), who lives in the district, said, “We made a dedication and devote ourselves in hopes of the new coronavirus to disperse.”