U.S. presidential election Republican Democratic party candidate formally decided to start full-scale election campaign

U.S. Presidential Election Republican Democratic Party Candidates Officially Decided to Launch Election Campaign August 29 at 6:52 AM

In the United States, a full-fledged election campaign has begun with the official contenders for the Republican and Democratic parties in the run-up to the autumn presidential election.
In the run-up to the November U.S. presidential election, the ruling and Republican parties held a national party congress for four days until November 27 to formally select President Trump and Vice President Pence as party vice presidential candidates.

Although the party conference was significantly reduced due to the effects of the new Coronavirus, on the last day 1,500 supporters were invited to the White House garden to address President Trump’s nomination.

In this context, President Trump repeatedly criticized Mr. Biden, a Democrat, as “weak against China” and expressed his confrontational stance.

President Trump is scheduled to hold a rally of supporters in eastern New Hampshire on the 28th, the day after the party conference, and is ready to roll back through his favorite rally as he is preceded by Mr. Biden in opinion polls.

Meanwhile, the opposition Democratic Party of Japan has also formally selected former Vice President Biden and Senator Harris as regular vice presidential candidates at a party conference held until the 20th to accelerate their campaign to retake power.

Due to the new virus, Mr. Biden has been mainly campaigning from his home through television and the Internet, but since the first consecutive holidays in early next month, he has decided to visit the fiercely fested states on his own to appeal for his support.

From the end of next month, there will be a tv debate in which the candidates of both parties will discuss the issue directly, and the election campaign is in full swing in the run-up to the November presidential election, which is about two months away.