What are the “three habits” practiced by people who save money?

◆ People with money ability live without depending on money
For nearly 20 years, I’ve been consulting with many people on household budget. And I have come to realize that people who have the ability to save money (those who are able to properly form savings) have some things in common.

Above all, I would like to introduce here the “three habits of people with money ability” that I think are very important.

◆ 1. I have my own values
The most important factor. If you have your own sense of values, you will be less likely to be wasted by external information, and you will be able to reduce unnecessary waste. At the same time, one of its characteristics is that it has a sense of “knowing enough”.

We make good use of what we already have and what we have, identify what we need and what we really want, and do not want extra things.

It’s often said that the rich are stingy, but I think that’s a mistake, and I’m just looking around at the value of stingy. Real rich people are people who have their own values.

For example, suppose a rich man has been in the same car for over 10 years. You might wonder why you don’t buy a new car when you have the money. Therefore, you would rumor that it was stingy. But the person himself doesn’t buy a new car because it’s not needed.

People who spend money by saying “buy because they have money” or “buy because they have it” do not save money. Don’t worry about people’s eyes, think carefully about your own values, and spend money based on whether you really need it or not, not because you have it. ..

People who have money ability use it firmly when they use it, and when they do not use it, they do not use it, and they try to improve their lives based on their own values.

◆ 2. Know yourself
In my experience, many people who say they can’t save money do not know how much they spend each month, what they spend, or even how much they save. I mean, I don’t know myself at all.

On the other hand, there is no such thing as a person who can save money properly. More specifically, I have a goal to be like this in the future. It requires money, so I try to control it in advance. Knowing yourself leads to actions that naturally value the money in front of you.

◆ 3. Think
In order to live a “knowing enough” life without spending money, we actually need to devise.

That’s because nowadays there are so many things, and if you buy anything you can live comfortably.

However, if you keep buying it, you will not save money. It is sometimes necessary to compare and buy cheap things, make the best use of what you have, or think of another way without spending money.

Much of the information that comes into the eye passively is advertising. You are being invited to spend money. The world of money is “unknowing but loss”. Actively gathering information and arming knowledge so as not to be misled by advertising will be a very important time to develop money ability.

People who have a tendency to “think” on a daily basis are more flexible. Such people can think that passive information is “really so”.

However, if you don’t have the habit of thinking, it is easy to end up accepting extra money and spending extra money.

◆ Money is just a tool
Now things are really overflowing. It may be true that the amount of money is not enough.

But things don’t fill the heart, and money cannot buy the richness of the heart. The three habits I just mentioned can be said to be “habits that are not swayed by money”. In other words, people who have the money ability do not actually rely on money alone to live.

Money is just a tool. Japan has achieved economic development and somehow money is like the main character, but please re-recognize that the main character of life is yourself. A person with money ability is, after all, a person who knows that he/she can live for himself.

Text = Keiko Yatsui (Money Guide)