As U.S.-China conflict deepens, Czech Senate chairman visits Taiwan, China rebounds

U.S.-China Conflict Deepens Czech Senate Chairman Visits Taiwan China Rebounds August 30 at 12:33 AM

The president of the Senate, who is constitutionally second only to the president in the Czech Republic, will lead a delegation of about 90 people to Taiwan from the 30th. While China, which insists on the “one China” principle, strongly opposes this, the United States appreciates it, and the international community’s attention is focused on its visit amid deepening U.S.-China conflict.
Czech President Bistorchir will lead a delegation of about 90 people, including lawmakers, mayors of the capital Prague, and business representatives, to Taipei and other places for six days from the 30th to the 4th of next month.

During this period, Mr. Bistolchill will speak at the Legislative Assembly, Taiwan’s legislature, and will meet with the President of the United Kingdom.

This is the first time constitutionally that a second-ranking Senate speaker has visited Taiwan, and China’s relationship with the Czech Republic is strongly opposed to the “one China” principle and is under increasing pressure.

Czech President Zeman and Prime Minister Babisch have also expressed opposition to the visit, against the Czech foreign policy.

However, in the Czech Republic, there is a history of calling for democratization even in the days under the strong influence of the former Soviet Union, and there is strong opposition to China putting pressure on the Czech Republic, and there are many voices supporting this visit to Taiwan.

In addition, the United States, which is deepening its confrontation with China, appreciates Chairman Bistolchill’s decision, and the international community’s attention is focused on its visit amid deepening confrontations between the United States and China.