Belarus 10,000 women march to demand presidential resignation

Belarus 10,000 women march to demand presidential resignation August 30 at 10:34 a.m.

In Belarus, where chaos continues following the presidential election, about 10,000 women marched today to demand the resignation of President Lukashenko.
In Belarus, anti-government protests against President Lukashenko, who is expected to win this month’s presidential election, have been in turmoil.

In Minsk, the capital, about 10,000 people gathered today as anti-government factions called on women to participate in the demonstration.

The women who took part occasionally marched for four hours on the capital’s high street in search of President Lukashenko’s resignation, with members of the security forces occasionally shouting, “Protect us if you protect us,” even as they were blocked from going.

The regime, on the other hand, has been under increasing pressure on journalists critical of the regime, with about 50 reporters and cameraman detained so far by the Belarusian Journalists Association.

In addition, at least 17 local staff members of overseas media, such as American news agencies and British television stations, have been stripped of their coverage permits and are no longer able to conduct interviews there.

Tensions have continued as anti-government factions have called for mass protests in various parts of the country in the run-up to the 30th, three weeks after the presidential election.