High school student shooting national tournament first remote tournament in the influence of the Corona Virus

High school student shooting national tournament the first remote tournament in the influence of the Corona Virus August 30 18:09

A national high school shooting competition was held, and, influenced by the new Coronavirus, this was held in a format in which contested athletes competed at their respective local shooting ranges to compete for scores remotely.
The Japan Rifle Shooting Association held a national tournament for high school students every summer, but as a new attempt under the influence of the new Coronavirus, athletes from all over the country competed at shooting ranges in their respective regions and played against each other remotely.

The tournament was also released on the Internet, of which eight men and women, the top-ranked men and women, participated in the qualifying round, which was held until the 25th of this month.

The screen on the Internet showed the players shooting, the target, the latest score, the player’s name and rank, etc.

On the target screen, a new system has been introduced that allows players to follow their aiming movements from the time they hold the gun to the time they fire, so that they can see when they shot it.

After eight players fired 20 shots in the competition, a one-on-one winning tournament was held by the top four players in total score, and Ryusei Morita, a third-year student at Oita Yufu High School, won the championship.

Morita said, “I was nervous surrounded by the camera of the smartphone I was relaying, but I concentrated on the gun. I would appreciate it if you could have the tournament held even under the circumstances of the new coronavirus.”

The association that hosted the event will examine the challenges remotely and consider introducing them in national and international competitions.