Introduction of non-contact boarding procedure test at airport with Corona Virus measures

Introduction of non-contact boarding procedure test at the airport August 30 11:07 in response to the Corona Virus

To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, airlines are expanding measures to reduce contact opportunities with people, such as testing automated check-in machines that can be operated directly during airport check-in procedures without touching the screen.

From August, Japan Airlines introduced a trial automatic check-in machine that can be operated without having to touch the screen directly in the departure lobby of Haneda Airport.

The machine is equipped with a sensor next to the screen and can be operated directly with your finger floating about 3 cm without touching the screen, which is expected to lead to anti-infection measures for automated check-in machines used by an unspecifned number of people.

The company will install two machines until the 15th of next month to consider full-scale introduction while watching the reactions of customers.

Hirosa Tsuji of the Japan Airlines Airport Planning Department said, “I think you can use it with more peace of mind because you don’t have to touch it directly. We would like to promote measures to prevent infection that lead to peace of mind and safety.”

On the other hand, All Nippon Airways has been reviewing its services to allow passengers with infants who had to stop by airport counters and connecting passengers from international flights to complete procedures online during domestic check-in procedures, and there are wider anti-infection measures among aviation giants to reduce contact opportunities with people.