Kanagawa Prefecture Corona Virus Kills 4 Newly Confirmed 64 Infections

Kanagawa Prefecture Corona Virus Kills 4 New 64 Confirmed Infections August 30 at 8:22 PM

On March 30 in Kanagawa Prefecture, it was announced that 64 new people have been confirmed to have been infected with the new coronavirus.
It was also announced that four people who had been known to have been infected so far had died.

Cluster at after-school day service facility?

According to the prefecture and the municipality where the public health center is set up, a total of 64 people were newly infected in the prefecture on the 30th, and the breakdown of symptoms is that four people are middle-sized, 59 are mild or asynthenia, and one person is under investigation.

By age group, there are six people under the age of 10, five in their teens, nine in their 20s, 13 in their thirties, eight in their 40s, 10 in their 50s, four in their 60s, seven in their 70s, and two in their 80s.

In addition, 33 people, more than half of the total, do not know the route of infection.

Five of Yokohama’s infected people are elementary school students who use after-school day service facilities that take care of children with disabilities, and are said to have been infected by officials who have already been confirmed infected. This brings the total number of infected people involved in this facility to six, and Yokohama City is investigating the cluster in detail.

A woman in her fifties announced by Kawasaki City is working at a welfare facility in the city where the cluster is thought to have occurred, bringing the number of infected people involved to the facility to six.

A man in his thirties in Sagamihara City, including a friend in Tokyo who was found infected, was traveling outside the prefecture from the 21st to the 23rd of this month.

When two people in Yokosuka City were admitted to Kinugasa Hospital in the city, it is believed that they were infected by a patient who had been transferred from “Yokosuka City Standing Umachi Hospital” where a mass infection occurred.

It was announced that four people who had been confirmed infected had died in the prefecture, including a man in his 80s in Yokohama who died of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, and three men in their 80s who were admitted to Yokosuka City Umachi Hospital, where a mass infection occurred, died on the 28th and 29th.

Nhk’s summary shows that 4911 people have been infected in Kanagawa Prefecture, of which 122 have died.