Restaurant collapses in Shanxi, China, killing 29 people

Shanxi, China Restaurant collapses 29 people killed August 30 at 11:01 p.m.

In Shanxi Province, in the interior of China, a restaurant where locals were banqueting suddenly collapsed, underlaying more than 50 people inside the building, killing 29 people.
According to the state-run Xinhua news agency, a restaurant suddenly collapsed in the morning of 29th in Hun, Shanxi Province, inland China.

According to local media, at the time, locals were lying at the restaurant for birthdays, 57 people were laid down and 28 were rescued by the 30th, but 29 people died.

It also tells locals that the collapsed restaurant seems to have been built every few years.

In the video of the scene, the entire building of the restaurant collapsed, and the fire department was involved in rescue operations in the rubble while also using heavy machinery.

In China, buildings are often destroyed due to illegal construction.

Local media say Shanxi authorities will send an investigation team to the collapsed restaurant to find out more about the cause, conduct special inspections of restaurants and hotels in the province, and take steps to close if illegal construction is found.

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