Be wary of heat strokes that continue to heat up from western Japan to the Tokai

Be wary of heat strokes that continue to heat up from western Japan to the East Sea At 12:10, 31st August, the temperature rises from western Japan to the Tokai on 31st August, and there are already hot days above 35 degrees. Continue to be wary of heat stroke. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, it will be cloudy and rainy in northern Japan on the 31st due to the influence of fronts, but from Western Japan to the Tokai it will be covered by high pressure and the temperature will rise from the morning.

The maximum temperature until 11:30 am is
▽ 35.9 degrees in Kyoto and Toyonaka, Osaka
▽35.8 degrees at Zaita, Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture,
▽ 35.6 degrees in Hiroshima City and Tamana City, Kumamoto Prefecture,
▽ It has already been a hot summer day in Osaka city, especially in western Japan at 35.5 degrees.

After this, the temperature will rise, and the highest temperature during the day will be
▽38 degrees in Nagoya City, 37 degrees in Osaka City, Okayama City, Saga City, Kumamoto City,
▽ Expected to be 36 degrees in Hiroshima, Takamatsu, and Otsu,
Caution is required for heat stroke.

In Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture, it has been a hot day for 22 consecutive days until the 30th, and it has been extremely hot since the beginning of this month, mainly in eastern Japan and western Japan.

One after another, many people are suspected of having heat stroke and are taken to the hospital.

In addition to diluting water frequently, avoid the sun as much as possible outdoors, use appropriate air conditioning indoors, etc., and try to take sufficient measures mainly for the elderly.

On the other hand, from western Japan to eastern Japan, the atmospheric conditions will become unstable and rain clouds will develop locally, so be careful of sudden heavy rain, lightning strikes, and gusts.