China May be stuck in selling TikTok’s business to strengthen restrictions on overseas transfer of advanced technologies

China Strengthens Regulations on Overseas Transfer of Advanced Technology August 31 at 5:48 AM

Beijing has strengthened restrictions on the overseas transfer of advanced technology as President Trump orders to sell its business in the United States over TikTok, a video-sharing app run by a Chinese company. This includes technologies such as AI and artificial intelligence, which are also used by TikTok, which has created the possibility that the sale of the business will be delayed.
Over TikTok, U.S. President Trump has ordered a Chinese company, Bite Dance, to sell its business in the United States, cause the user’s personal information could be misused by the Chinese government and threatened with security.

China’s Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Science and Technology released a revised version this month, including AI, on their list of technologies that prohibit and restrict overseas transfers, strengthening restrictions on the overseas transfer of advanced technologies.

The state-run Xinhua news agency told Chinese experts that Bite Dance has technologies such as AI and data analysis, and that the sale of business in the United States could touch the regulations and that “we should carefully consider whether negotiations need to be stopped.”

In addition, according to the Chinese media, Bite Dance announced today that it will “strictly comply” with the Ministry of Commerce and other regulations for strengthening regulations.

The sale of TikTok’s business in the U.S. has been claimed by IT giant Microsoft and others, but the Chinese government’s tightening of regulations has put the possibility of a delay in the sale of the business.