Fierce heat in a wide area, up to 38 degrees forecast, such as Nagoya, wary of heat stroke

Intense heat in a wide area expected up to 38 degrees in Nagoya, etc. August 31 5:22 on alert for heat stroke

On the 31st, temperatures are expected to rise over a wide area of eastern and western Japan, and it is expected to be a hot day of more than 35 degrees in various places. You should continue to be wary of heat stroke.
According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the temperature rose mainly from western Japan to eastern Japan on the 30th, and the maximum daytime temperature was 39.2 degrees in Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, 38.4 degrees in Hatoyama Town, Saitama Prefecture, 38.3 degrees in Takahagi City, Okayama Prefecture, and 38.1 degrees in Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture.

It will be a hot day in various places on the 31st, and the maximum daytime temperature is expected to be 38 degrees in Nagoya City, 37 degrees in Osaka City, Okayama City, Saga City, Kumamoto City, 36 degrees in Otsu City, Hiroshima City, Takamatsu City, etc., and it is necessary to continue to be wary of heat stroke.

The intense heat has continued since early August, mainly in eastern and western Japan, and many people are taken to the hospital on suspicion of heat stroke every day, and there is no end to the number of people who die.

In addition to rehydration frequently, try to avoid sunlight as much as possible outdoors, and take sufficient measures mainly for the elderly, such as using air conditioning properly indoors.

On the other hand, it is expected that the state of the atmosphere will become unstable mainly in the afternoon and rain clouds will develop locally, and attention should be paid to sudden heavy rain, lightning strikes, gusts, etc.