"G cup thin busty"Mizuno Sano, 29-year-old sex appeal explodes “Unifying the whole body to seduce his boyfriend”

Gravure idol Mizuno Sano held a launch event on the 29th at Sofmap in Akihabara, Tokyo, the latest image DVD “Virgin Palace” (now on sale 4,180 yen including tax: S Digital). Mizuno Sano, who held the release event for the DVD “Virgin Palace,” Mizuno Sano made his debut with the 1st DVD “Muse” shortly after being selected as a finalist at the gravure idol excavation audition “Miss Grajapa!” held in 2018. Despite the neat atmosphere, the 90cm G-cup bust has a crispy waistline that makes the gravure fan boil. The DVD, which is the fifth piece in total, was shot at Guam, which was the first time to visit. It’s a situation of flirting with a boyfriend, and it is one that has released the sex appeal of a 29-year-old adult everywhere. Regarding the latest work, Sano said, “It’s about flirting with my boyfriend of the same age, but there are scenes such as wearing a blazer uniform in a recollection scene in high school and frolicking on the beach. And also this time wearing a high leg swimsuit at the pool I played around with it.” The sexy scene is called “night bed scene,” and he said, “I dressed in black all over and wore garters and gloves to entice my boyfriend.” Sano also wore a wedding costume on the DVD. I was 29 years old the day before the event, and I am worried about romance and marriage, but “I used to want to be married by the age of 30, but when I was doing this kind of work, I had a desire to marry. “I’ve lost it, and I want to do it someday,” he said. “I hope to get married by the age of about 35,” he said, revealing his emotional changes. As a requirement for the other person, he said, “I prefer a serious and sincere man. I like to eat, so I’m happy if I like my food.”