LDP presidential election shows wider support for Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan

LDP presidential election: Support for Chief Cabinet Secretary Naoto Kan spreads on August 31 at 7:31 p.m.

The LDP presidential election, in which Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is elected to succeed Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, is seen as a result of Chief Cabinet Secretary Naoto Kan’s firm intention to run and asked faction leaders to cooperate.
In addition to the Aso faction of the second faction in the party, the Nikai faction also has a policy of supporting Mr. Kan, and support for Mr. Kan is spreading.

Meanwhile, party officials omitted the party’s vote on how to vote in the presidential election and indicated the prospect that a general meeting of members of both houses of parliament would be held on September 14.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Naoto Kan to make a formal announcement at a set stage, such as a schedule

In the LDP presidential election to choose Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s successor, Chief Cabinet Secretary Naoto Kan has confirmed his intention to run, and is expected to make a final decision and make a formal announcement when the date of the presidential election is decided.

However, at a press conference on March 31, he said, “I would like to refrain from commenting on the LDP presidential election, including my own.”

On March 31, Chief Cabinet Secretary Naoto Kan met with former Secretary General Hosoda of the Hosoda faction, the largest faction in the party, and former Chief Cabinet Secretary Mikio Aoki, who has influence over the Takeshita faction, and is those who requested their cooperation.

Meanwhile, the Aso faction of the second faction in the party confirmed that Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso, who serves as chairman, instructed senior officials to bring the faction together by supporting Mr. Kan, and that the Nikai faction would support Mr. Kan at a meeting of senior officials.

In addition, a group of young members of the non-faction asked Mr. Kan to run, and Mr. Kan said, “I would like to consider the candidacy positively. I’m ready for that.”

In addition, support for Mr. Kan has spread, with members of the Kishida and Nikai factions of the first elected in 1996, as well as Mr. Kan, requesting his candidacy.

Chairman Masanori Kishida’s willingness to run

At a meeting of the factions, Mr. Kishida, the chairman of the Political Affairs Research Committee, said, “I want to prepare for the battle without being undeeded,” and he repeated his willingness to run for office.

Mr. Kishida met with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and former Chairman Takeshita Takeshita and asked for their cooperation in the presidential election.

Former Secretary General Ishiba wants to express his attitude in the near future

Former Secretary General Ishiba attended a meeting of factions.

At the meeting, opinions were exchanged over Mr. Ishiba’s candidacy, and the decision on whether to run was left to Mr. Ishiba.

Mr. Ishiba said, “I have to be myself that doesn’t disappoint. It is necessary to communicate information to party members and prefectural coalitions as soon as possible.”

Presidential election Party vote is expected to be abbreviated

On the other hand, with the election of the president, party leaders announced on the 8th of next month that they would omit the party membership vote and hold a general meeting of members of both houses of parliament on the 14th to vote.

In response, mid-level and young lawmakers called on Secretary-General Nikai to hold a vote on the party members, saying that the president should be served in an open procedure.

Fumiaki Kobayashi, a member of the House of Representatives, said, “In order to choose a new leader, we should conduct the president’s election in a way that hears a wide range of voices.”

The Liberal Democratic Party has decided to discuss the method and schedule of the president’s election at a general meeting on the same day.