Mikako Tabe suddenly proposes to “Housekeeper” Minoru Omori “Send me a marriage by trial” “My housekeeper Nagisa” final story

The final episode of the drama “My family Masao Nagisa-san” (TBS, every Tuesday from 22:00) starring Mikako Tabe will be broadcast on September 1 with a 15-minute expansion.

This work is based on an original comic from Japan’s largest electronic book site “Comic Seymour”, a 28-year-old single woman, Mei Aihara, who can do multi-part work but clumsiness in housework and love, hires Uncle Kasei Heartful love comedy that starts with that.

Naoto Omori plays the role of Nagisa, a housekeeper who gives peace and moisture to Mei’s life, and Yasushi Seto plays the role of Yuta Tadokoro, a rival of Mei’s work.

When Mei learns that Nagisa’s contract as a housekeeper will be overwhelmed, she suddenly proposes to Nagisa, saying, “Why don’t you have a marriage with me in a trial?” Despite the confusion, a 4-day trial marriage with Nagisa, who accepted the proposal, started. And since Mei and Tadokoro face each other properly, they can honestly confess their feelings.

Meanwhile, at that time, Tempozan Pharmaceutical was facing an information war with other companies toward the establishment of a new hospital. After getting information about the new hospital’s drug department manager from the sales manager of the drug wholesale company, Komakizaka (Kazuki Iio), Mei tries to make a contact immediately, but stumbles in front of him. A new employee, Segawa (Atsushi Maedago), angered the most important person at the new hospital, Dr. Jagi, Sakamoto (Wataru Takagi).

Although Mei struggled to solve it, a big problem occurred in her trial marriage. Suddenly Nagisa disappeared in front of Mei… What kind of ending will Mei’s messy heart and the relationship with Mr. Nagisa end?!