New character voice actors & comments for the second season of Kaikai Step Wanda Bada have been lifted!

The second series of the popular anime “Kaiju Step Wanda Bada”, presented by Tsuburaya Productions, will start broadcasting on NHK E-Television from September 25, 2020 (Friday). As a voice actor to play the newly added new character, “Jami-chan” has a laughter problem Yuji Tanaka, “Muge-chan” is an actress Non-san, “Gacchan” is Tomoko Kaneda, and “Ele-chan” is Riho Iida. Mr. Ms., who has a reputation for popularity and ability, has been announced, and comments from each cast have arrived.

The TV anime “Kaiju Step Wandabada”, which started broadcasting from NHK E-tele in September 2019, is an animated version of the picture book “KAIJU STEP,” in which Ultraman series monsters became cute children’s Kaiju. .. Each of them was drawn a small “starting tail”, and the adorable characters became popular among children.

In the first series, “Pig-chan” who came to K10 Nebula Chochii star, the stage of the story, has started to become good friends “Kane-chan”, “Dada-chan” and “Kaijuya-san”, so that there are unique characters. It was drawn that he met and spread the circle of friends.
In the second series, “Jami-chan”, “Muge-chan”, “Gacchan”, and “Ere-chan” will be added as new characters, and the story will be scaled up further!
Together, they work together to move towards a big dream.
The narration for the second series will be continued by the actor, Akekei Nakao, after the first series.

Yuji Tanaka plays Mike, one of the leading “Monsters” in the Disney & Pixar movies “Monsters, Inc.” (01) and “Monsters University” (13), but this time the voice of “Kaijyu” Challenge. Non has also been attracting attention as a voice actor challenge since “In the corner of this world (and many more)” (19).
!! And elegant “Ele-chan”! Nice to meet you.

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