President Trump criticizes local Democratic governor over shootings

President Trump Criticizes Local Democratic Governors over Shootings August 31 at 5:49 AM

In western Oregon, a man was shot and killed nearby as clashes between black human rights advocates and supporters of President Trump clashed.

Police are looking into the situation at the time, but President Trump has been criticizing Democrats for not keeping local Democratic governors and mayors safe.
In Portland, western Oregon, protesters protested against black human rights, while supporters of President Trump marched in a row of about 600 vehicles and clashed between the two groups.

In this situation, a man was shot in the chest nearby and police are investigating the connection between the shooting and the conflict between the two groups.

In response, President Trump took to Twitter today to say, “The people of Portland can no longer stand unsafe situations. The mayor is a fool. Mobilize the National Guard.”

Acting Secretary Wolf of the Department of Homeland Security also appeared on ABC television and said, “There has been violence in the area for the past three months. We have offered to cooperate with the governor and the mayor so far, but have refused to support the federal government,” he said, criticizing the Democratic governor and mayor.

The Trump administration sent federal security personnel last month without local consent to quell the continuing demonstrations against racism in Portland, but the mayor of Portland has condemned the Trump administration’s response, saying the dispatch would have made the situation worse.

The Trump administration, with a view to a presidential election two months from now, is set to increase criticism that the Democratic Party of Japan is responsible for the deterioration of security, and the conflict between the two sides is likely to increase.