The second “TV Tokyo Music Festival” will be broadcast this year! Taichi Kokubun and Ryoko Hirosue will be MC

TV TOKYO will broadcast the music special program “TV Tokyo Music Festival 2020 Autumn (Tentative)-“I want to sing unintentionally! The strongest hit song 100 series”- (September 30 18:25-22:54) The day became clear. From the left, Taichi Kokubun and Ryoko Hirosue The program has been broadcast once a year as “the biggest festival of TV Tokyo” since it started as “TV Tokyo Music Festival (first)” in June, but this year it is June. The second broadcast is decided following the broadcast. Taichi Kokubun will be the general MC, and Ryoko Hirosue will be the MC. With the theme “100 songs of the strongest hit songs that make you want to sing unintentionally!”, gorgeous artists are appearing one after another. We broadcast from popular music to famous music of the past. The performers have announced one after another on SNS such as the program’s official Twitter, and are preparing for aggressive planning and collaboration.

Comment from producer Shunichi Hoshi (TV Tokyo)

For the first time in the history of the program, “held twice a year” has finally been realized! Every time, with the theme of “What is a TV program unique to TV Tokyo?”, the production and planning of various songs with the help of each artist I have been broadcasting. What kind of things can we do this time? We are in the midst of taking in the wisdom of so many people and learning. It will be a program that can convey the splendor of the masterpiece properly while letting the viewers fully enjoy the “home atmosphere” unique to the TV Tokyo Music Festival that can only be created by a combination of Mr. Taichi Kokubun and Ryoko Hirosue I think Please take a look at the special opening of Mr. Kokubun on September 30th every time!