Custom-painted works exhibited at “Omiya gacha AMABIESHOW”!

At “Omiya gacha-dokoro”, “Omiya gacha-dokohama AMABIESHOW”, which collects a lot of goods with the motif of “Yakumei Yokai Amabier”, is being held! Attention is on display and sale of works by 5 artists who custom-painted “Ambie” soft vinyl. We will deliver the state of the exhibition at “Omiya Gachadokoro”!

The participating artists are Horitaka Hori, Terusa, Seri☆Norika, HAKURO, and Kuidaore Toys. Both are popular artists who release unique works. The source of the work is “Ambie” soft vinyl, made by One up. The taste of each artist was added and the colored “Ambie” soft vinyl lined up.
By the way, an uncolored version of this soft vinyl, the limited edition of “Omiya Gachadokoro” is also on sale.

▲Hinaka Takahori Amabié Custom Paint Soft Vinyl

▲ Teresa Chiba Amabier Custom Paint Soft Vinyl

▲Seri☆Norika Amavier Custom Paint Soft Vinyl

▲ HAKURO Amabier Custom Paint Soft Vinyl

▲ Shishimaru ♀ (Kuidaore Toy) Amabier Custom Paint Soft Vinyl

▲ One-up. Amabi soft vinyl (Omiya gacha restaurant limited color) / 1500 yen + tax / green limited color version, only a few skin colors are sold.

Custom Paint Soft Vinyl costs 11,660 yen (tax and shipping included). You can apply on the official Twitter page of “Omiya Gachadokoro” (

In addition to this, Amabier goods are on sale at “Omiya Gachadokoro AMABIESHOW”. Here are some of them, from cute to practical.

▲Amabi Esama plush toy / right (13 cm): 2200 yen + tax, left (5 cm): 900 yen + tax

▲Left: Amavier wind chime (2182 yen + tax), upper right: Amabiechan oval strap (Friday: 1082 yen + tax, copper: 1173 yen + tax), lower right left: Amabiechan specification door opener (2391 yen + tax) ), bottom right: Amabi Ekitiki Kira cast charm (600 yen + tax)

▲Upper left: Amavi Equity antibacterial eco-bag (1100 yen + tax), Upper middle: Amabi Equity charm (600 yen + tax), Upper right: Amabi Equity antibacterial mask pouch (1300 yen + tax), Lower: Amavi Ekti antibacterial Set of 3 towels (800 yen + tax)

*Some of them are all sold out.

And, “Omiya gachadokoro” where this event is held is Japan’s largest gacha specialty store with a space of about 80 tsubo, which just opened on July 23 this year. The location is on the 5th floor of the fashion building Omiya Arche in front of the JR Omiya Station west exit. Immediately after leaving the west exit. It’s a fun store that sells even free-to-use shooting spaces and candy while the gacha housing is crowded. Please drop in when you go to Omiya. Or rather, you can turn a large amount of gasha in one place, so be sure to visit Omiya for this!

▲The cabinets are stacked in 3 levels at the highest, so if you are an adult, you can reach them safely without a stand.

▲The popular “Devil’s Blade” has a corner.

▲This is a display enclosure with the interior illuminated. I can’t turn it!

▲ The popular product “VAG” also has 40 units.

▲ A case for sweets and items for small children is also available.

▲ This is also a popular “cat corner” where cat items are collected.

▲This is the shooting corner. Lights and a lot of wallpapers are available, so you can shoot in the situation that suits the item. Don’t forget to disinfect before and after use!

▲Abundant product lineup is included in the sweets corner! From old-fashioned nostalgic sweets to anime collaboration sweets!

▲It’s like the ending of a certain national animation… No, there is also a corner where you can take pictures freely in a capsule!