Famous Singer Sings While Masked Blows At Corona Music Industry Groping Continues

Famous Singer Sings With Masked Blow at Corona September 1St, 7:03 AM

With the cancellation of concerts and other events due to the new Coronavirus, and the world’s music industry being hit, efforts are being made to find ways to enjoy music while avoiding infection, such as performances in which famous singers sing while wearing masks and concerts attended from inside cars.
At the awards ceremony hosted by an American music channel on August 30, world-renowned singers Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande performed singing with masks on.

Gaga’s mask is a futuristic design tailored to the costume, and she says, “I repeat it over and over again, but please wear a mask. It’s a sign of respect for other people.”

On August 29, a concert was held in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, where spectators enjoyed themses in their cars, and about 300 cars gathered at the venue.

The concert organizers showed their expectation for a new form of music, “I have not had any work to do in the last five months, but if this can be a solution and encourage the industry.”

According to the World Economic Forum, losses in the global music industry due to the cancellation of concerts due to the effects of the new coronavirus are estimated to amount to 10 billion dollars in six months and more than 1 trillion yen in Japanese yen.