Hong Kong’s Corona Virus Inspection in Support of The Chinese Government

Hong Kong Corona Virus Inspection in Support of Chinese Government Democratic Lawmakers Confrontation Stance September 1 14:01

The Hong Kong government, with the help of the Chinese government, began a one-day test to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. In response, Democratic lawmakers are calling for a boycott to strengthen their confrontational stance.

In Hong Kong, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus has increased again since July, and the legislative assembly election scheduled for September has been postponed by a year.

Under these circumstances, with the support of medical teams dispatched from China, tests for all applicants began, and approximately 140 venues in various parts of Hong Kong were visited by citizens who had made advance reservations in the morning.

The woman who received the test said, “I want to prove my health and feel safe.”

As for the inspection, senior Hong Kong government officials have expressed their gratitude to the Chinese government one after another, stressing that it was with full support.

On the other hand, there are many opinions among citizens questioning the effects of testing to prevent the spread of infection, and there have been concerns that personal information collected by the tests will be passed on to the Chinese side, with only about 600,000 people applying for tests so far, less than 10% of all citizens.

Democratic lawmakers have also called for a boycott, saying that the tests are only intended to satisfy the Chinese government, and have strengthened their confrontation with the Chinese and Hong Kong governments.

In response, Hong Kong’s top administration chief, Lin Zhengye, said in a press conference on the day that it “motivates people to take tests” and that Beijing “politicizes and defames support for Hong Kong.”