Kyoko Fukada, Mikako Tabe, Mei Nagano, “UQ Three Sisters” are gorgeous and peace-signed

The actress Kyoko Fukada, Mikako Tabe, and Meku Nagano will appear on the nationwide TV commercial “Megumi no Hito” from September 1st. “UQ Three Sisters” in which Fukada plays the eldest daughter, Tabe the second daughter, and Nagano the third daughter from the new TV commercial “Megumi no Hito” from “UQ mobile”. In the new commercial, RATS&STAR’s famous song “Megumi no Hito” from the 1980s plays, and pink gacha (Mama) and Bloomk (Papa) dance in a mellow manner against the backdrop of a fireworks-like illumination and a blue mannequin. Then, the three UQ sisters in gorgeous happi coats, holding a giant “UQ” ornament, and coolly looking at the camera. After that, all three sisters pose with a peace sign in accordance with the lyrics of “Much Ichiyonpak!”. At the end, dad and mom join us again, and the whole family decides on good friends and poses. Pay attention to the cool expressions of the three UQ sisters that shine in the world of primary colors and the breath-taking pose that suits the dance numbers that everyone knows. It has been four years since the UQ Three Sisters series started. Fukada said, “At first, it was difficult to match “UQ”, but now I can quickly match the lines, and sometimes three people go out to eat. 4 It’s hard to work with him for a year, so I’m really happy to get involved with UQ.” Mr. Matabe said, “Well, it’s fun that the guests are this time this time, or that they will be coming next time, and I didn’t speak at all at the beginning, but during the four years I spent a lot of talk. I think it’s fun to be able to do it,” he said, enjoying the three sisters. Nagano said, “In the last four years, I’ve changed a lot of environments, but even though I’m confused, I’m really happy when I see my sisters and meet their eyes (laughs). I’m very happy to see you again after a long time.”