Okinawa, even if Typhoon No. 9 is away, be on high tide alert late in the day and night.

Okinawa Typhoon No.9 is still away, but the storm surge warning will be late at night on September 1 at 8:48 a.m.

Typhoon No. 9 gradually comes away from the Okinawa region, but because storms continue to blow, there is a risk of damage caused by storm surges late in the day and night, especially in the main island region of Okinawa. The Japan Meteorological Agency has called for strict vigilance against storm surges and flooding caused by high waves overlapping storm surges.

What is a storm surge?

The storm surge rises so that the sea level can be sucked up by the drop in atmospheric pressure, and the tide level rises when seawater is blown in by strong winds from offshore.

Because it is the time of the high tide of the tide level now, the storm surge is likely to occur.

Typhoons are gradually approaching, but there is a risk of flooding of houses and roads facing breakwaters and the sea, especially in the main island region of Okinawa.

In the future, it is necessary to be wary of storm surges.
The main island region of Okinawa, from the evening of the day to late at night,
In the Miyakojima region, it is the night of the day.

Stay away from the coast.

Storm surges can overlap with high waves, resulting in higher sea levels and further flooding.

Keep away from the beach.

Move to a safe place even a little.

In order to prevent storm surge damage, it is important to evacuate earlier than anything, but if the surrounding situation deteriorates, such as a storm, and evacuation to the outside is difficult, please move to a safe place even a little, such as evacuating to the high floor of a sturdy building nearby.