Seven Bank responds to ATM’s first minor point application

Seven Bank has recently been adopted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications as a private business that provides application support terminals in the minor point business. From August 31, at Seven Bank ATMs, it became possible to apply for minor points for the first time at an ATM. Seven Bank ATM top screen image Minor points can be applied at more than 25,000 Seven Bank ATMs nationwide installed at nearby Seven-Eleven stores, stations, commercial facilities, etc. After completing the minor points application, by charging or shopping with the selected cashless payment service, points for 25% of the usage amount will be given at the predetermined timing with the service. To apply for minor points, you need a My Number Card, a user certification password (4 digits), and a payment service ID/security code depending on the payment service. To apply for minor points, press the “Procedure with My Number Card” button on the ATM screen of Seven Bank, agree to the terms of use, and select the first letter of the payment service to apply for. Next, select the payment service and press the button for the desired grant timing to confirm the payment service guide screen. After agreeing to the Terms of Use, select the first letter of the payment service to apply for.If you apply for electronic money nanaco, Rakuten Edy, Kitaca, Suica, PASMO, TOICA, manaca, ICOCA, nimoca, place the electronic money in the designated position .. When applying for other electronic money, enter the payment service ID, etc. Items to enter differ depending on the payment service. Enter the payment service ID, etc. Then insert your My Number card and enter the user certification password (4 digits). Enter the last 4 digits of the phone number and receive the “use statement (receipt)” and “my number card” to complete the procedure. Insert My Number Card The application period for minor points at Seven Bank ATMs is until March 31, 2021. Hours of use are 24 hours in principle (cannot be used outside business hours of facilities where Seven Bank ATMs are installed). No fee is charged regardless of where you apply for minor points. The application for minor points on the 7-Eleven multi-copy machine was completed on August 31st.